Uses of Pumpkin for Skin Care | Amazing health benefits

Introduction:- Uses of pumpkin. Pumpkins are scientifically fruits and not vegetables. Pumpkins are rich in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and are extremely delicious. Uses of pumpkin and health benefits, they’re often utilized in carries and soups. Benefits of pumpkin don’t stop there because it provides various benefits in term of skincare also . 1) Oily skin … Read more

Ascariasis➡life cycle, symptoms, transmission and treatment

INTRODUCTION Ascariasis is caused by endoparacitic round worm. It’s long, cylindrical and tappering at both ends. it’s communicable disease of human intestinal tract. It’s life cycle is completed just one host. Lifeyoast cycle of Ascariasis lumbricoid Ascariasis complete his life cycle in one host The man acquired eggs through contaminated water and food. Life cycle … Read more

5 Best cocktail recipes | Alcoholic drinks | How to make at home

Introduction : Best cocktail recipes. we know that many drinks are available in market, hotels, pub and bar. But the most powerful and explosion of freshness is known as cocktails. Top 5 Best cocktail recipes are available. This are following ➡Skinny orange margarita cocktail Ingredient 8 ounce silver tequila 1 large orange juiced 4 ounces … Read more

Birth control method & options | Types of birth control

Introduction :- Birth control method are of two main types.The contraception methods are wont to control the overpopulation and to stop sexually transmitted disease. 1) Temporary methods A) Natural methods safe period Rthym method One week before and one week after of menstrual bleeding is considers the safe period for sexual reproduction. It is drawback lies in having a … Read more